Pitt looks to conduct research on medical marijuana

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is interested in partnering with medical marijuana companies to do research on the benefits, and any possible hazards, of using marijuana to treat serious medical conditions.

In a letter sent last week to School of Medicine colleagues, Art Levine, senior vice chancellor for health sciences and medical school dean, said they plan soon to distribute letters of intent guidelines for research partnerships with the companies.

Pennsylvania has “placed a greater emphasis on the need for reliable research than other states that have also enacted medical marijuana laws,” he said.

“While the state is still in the process of defining the regulatory parameters for research programs, the University of Pittsburgh is interested in exploring options for partnerships to advance research on the safety and efficacy of medical applications of cannabis products beyond the current and inadequate level of research and scientific evidence.”

To read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/business/healthcare-business/2016/10/02/Pitt-looks-to-conduct-research-on-medical-marijuana/stories/201610020114

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