Pollution and Forest Fires Destroying the air? Plant Hemp!

Pollution and Forest Fires Destroying the air?

Plant Hemp!

BC is burning. Forests are in flames. The air pollution from artificial industry and carbon emissions being dumped to the atmosphere has devastating effects felt the most now in third world nations. Based on the annual State of the Global Air Report published by the Health Effects Institute (HEI), 95 percent of the planet’s population are breathing unhealthy air.

It’s very simple to look at the world and the way it’s going with fear and dread.

What we will need to do is examine all the options to discover a game changer to save the planet and reverse the damage we have done… I think we ought to look to cannabis.

Forest fires displace tens of thousands of people every year and air pollution–related death rates rise at horrifying rates; I know this. However, cannabis could work considering the condition of the environment, it’s time to look at this and in various ways.

Cannabis acts as a carbon sink

Our natural carbon sinks would be the plants, the ocean and soil. Because of the rise in greenhouse gasses and deforestation, a vicious cycle of climate change has been sped up. So, in order to clean the air we will need to plant hemp EVERYWHERE.

A research on The Use of Industrial Hemp in Carbon Farming was conducted by James Vosper BSCHons, FRGS at GoodEarth Resources PTY Ltd.. The analysis was conducted to help their international emissions are reduced by the Austrailian Government and what was discovered was the solution environmentally friendly and economically.

The Science behind it

Hemp works as one of the best plant carbon sinks because of its growth rate, molecular makeup and the biomass, or weight, of the cannabis stalks.

The cellulose content in industrial hemp is extremely high and it gets displaced with a lot of the carbon it takes out of the atmosphere.

During photosynthesis, that carbon permanently bonds to the molecules, thus, any concern about contaminating its surrounding environment is totally eliminated. The process of c02 displacement from hemp is so prominent and undeniable, it can be measured by weight in dry stem left out.

carbon sink

Additionally, this hemp may still be used.

The chemical makeup of cannabis is truly amazing and we could use it to replace all oil based and plastic products. It is planted, hemp will begin removing c02 from the soil and atmosphere , locking it in. These fibers may be used in everything from everyday household products, building materials, cosmetics and even automobiles.

BMW has already begun producing faster cars using hemp for replacing parts. After all, fuel efficiency is produced by a car that is lighter.

BMW Electric car interior made of hemp

BMW Electric car interior made of hemp

I will admit that to a conservative person averting cannabis, seeing hemp plants filling every green space may be somewhat hard to process positively.

But, Vancouver Island is becoming drier and the flames keep on burning. The state of the harm that has been done to the entire world and the climate is unacceptable.

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