Pot business hazy over impacts from legalized medical marijuana in Florida

While over 70 percent of Florida voters approved constitutional Amendment 2 on Nov. 8 to legalize medicinal marijuana, the economic impact of the measure will remain hazy for at least months if not years.

The modification to the state’s constitution officially doesn’t take hold until Jan. 3. But there are already six marijuana cultivation operations designated for the different geographic areas of Florida — the closest for the First Coast is in Gainesville — that will handle the growth of the marijuana initially.

State Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, said the state legislature has been preparing for the eventuality of legalized medical marijuana ever since it failed in the 2014 ballot referendum. Bradley was responsible for drafting much of the legislation that provided an interim solution called Charlotte’s Web — or low potency pot — used to provide relief mainly to children who have epilepsy or similar conditions.

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