Pot Grower Busted With Freshly Baked Pot Brownies on the Stove

Though it’s safe to state the legal marijuana industry has vastly altered the perception of marijuana, the illegal black market still remains largely intact. Sure, there are loads of people ditching their friendly neighborhood drug dealers for the dispensary down the road.  But considering the hefty price tag of legal marijuana –not to mention the fact that it’s considered a Schedule I drug by the federal government, and a number of nations have yet to legalize the herb in any capacity–there will always be an illegal market for the plant. This was proven once more, after a North Carolina weed grower was busted with freshly baked pot brownies on the cooker.

Hot From the Oven

Weed Grower Busted With Freshly Baked Pot Brownies on the Stove

According to North Carolina’s local FOX8 affiliate, a Lee County man was arrested after cops uncovered 16 lbs of illegally-grown marijuana and a few freshly baked pot brownies from the perpetrators’ home.

Per Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter, Michael Alan Cheeseman’s home was raided on Wednesday in an endeavor nicknamed “Operation HerbWorthy” by the local police force.

When police entered Cheeseman’s home on Wednesday, they first uncovered the brownies sitting on the stove, presumably cooling .

They later made their way into Cheeseman’s master bedroom, where they found a single plant growing, as well as many others in the neighboring bathroom’s cupboard.

But, it was in the backyard where Cheeseman’s case went from bad to worse.

In his back drop, cops found 13 additional cannabis plants. According to the official report, the setup was considered a “complex growing facility” by officials, complete with LED lights, an odor-concealing air ventilation system and air conditioning. All in all, over 16 pounds of cannabis, such as butter and oils, have been uncovered at the Lee County location.

Weed Grower Busted With Freshly Baked Pot Brownies on the Stove

Furthermore, Cheeseman garnered a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia–the least of his laundry list of fees.

He’s currently being held at the Lee County Sherriff’s office under $200,000 controlled bond.

Cheeseman clearly has a knack for the edible enterprise. Maybe if he took the legal, yet lengthy procedure to conduct his business in a weed-legal state, he would find his position not as precarious.

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