Pot in a pub? Denver that they re not budging on indoor marijuana smoking is told by colorado agencies

Pot at a Bar?

Colorado agencies tell Denver they're not budging on indoor marijuana smoking

Want to vape weed at a bar? It’s not happening anytime soon, according to another letter from five Colorado state agencies to the Denver City Council.

A city task force has been working for months on hints to make it easier for people to use cannabis in companies. Open-ended questions had been asked by the task force about whether the state should reconsider some of its own laws, in a report.

The letter from the state, this week delivered, shot down the notion of allowing using marijuana at liquor establishments or smoking — two possibilities it left open another big question and that the town task force had asked about —.

Released at Sat, 20 October 2018 12:29:56 +0000

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