Penny Stocks For Pot Are The Ones Booming Nowadays

MarijuanaRobert Frichtel, his Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc. up 144 percent after posting $455 in sales last quarter, said “euphoria” is driving gains that in some cases top 1,700 percent.

“The demand for marijuana is insatiable,” said Perlowin, a once-jailed smuggler who filed last month to sell 12 million shares of the Las Vegas-based company even as its market value holds at 99.97 percent below the worlds biggest software maker. “You have a feeding frenzy for the birth of a new industry.”

There’s GreenGro Technologies Inc., a medical dispensary management services company, for one, which saw a 1,714% increase in stock price in 2014. Then there’s Tranzbyte, a Colorado-based pot seller, which made the jump from less than a third of a cent to a full penny.

Other penny stocks experiencing the phenomenon include Growlife Inc., Medical Marijuana Inc., AVT Inc., Cannabis Science Inc., and Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc.

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