Risk of stoned driver crashes grows as legal marijuana spreads across U.S., Based on Research

Risk of stoned driver crashes Develops as legal Bud spreads across U.S., according to study

As the push to legalize marijuana gains momentum is proof that more permissive policies on the medication are currently putting drivers at risk.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found, in a study to be published on Thursday, that traffic accidents are currently rising in countries that have legalized marijuana. That followed stark warnings from the National Transportation Safety Board, which on Tuesday issued several recommendations to fight drug-impaired driving.

“The last thing that we want is to introduce another material where we may be adding to the carnage on our highways and into this toll,” stated David Harkey. “With marijuana impairment, we’re just now starting to understand what we don’t know. ”

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Published at Fri, 19 October 2018 04:29:57 +0000

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