Second Hearing For Medical Marijuana Bill Held At Capitol

Irvin Rosenfeld held up a tin filled with hundreds of marijuana cigarettes in Senate Hearing Room 1 and told the committee that the medicine saved his life. The Florida stock broker has been using medical marijuana since the ’70s to treat a bone tumor disorder. “There was a program that started in 1977, Robert Randall was the first patient, I was number two. I was able to prove that this medicine worked better than the conventional medicines for me and somehow I won hearings before the FDA and I became the second patient.

It is difficult because the Federal Government does not want people to understand that they are giving it out, so they really kind of kept it quiet,” said Irvin Rosenfeld, Federal Medical Cannabis Patient. The Federal Government considers marijuana a schedule one drug. “The Federal Government says it is schedule one and has no medical benefit, which is a hypocrisy.

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