Scams Also Present In Medical Marijuana Investing, Secretary Of State’s Office Warns

Bruce Gale is a partner with Medical Cannabis Healing LLC and he said he has already been approached by companies trying to sell him medical marijuana. “They’re coming to us and also we’re taking the initiative to meet with people, Gale said. Gale said he knows medical marijuana can look like a cash grab to scammers, but he said he has developed his own careful screening process for any company he does business with.

It’s like anything else, when you’re involved in business you have to do your own due diligence and your own investigating. You have to vet potential vendors, Gale said However, not all vendors are taking this precaution. “Of course everyone is thinking how can I get a piece of that action’, said Bob Walsh, Deputy Secretary of State.

But Walsh went on to say that the Secretary of State’s office is concerned con artists will take advantage of consumers looking to get in on the medical marijuana rush. ‘The victims are the people who are either just blinded by their own desire for a greater return on their investment, or people who are just not real savvy, Walsh said.

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