Sensible Sensimilla: Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Sensible Sensimilla: Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Amid chaos, I can count on my weed bag to be fully stocked and well-prepared with all my blunt supplies. Each compartment of my multi-zippered travel tote contains a blend of smoking necessities, along with some regular items which can be used in place of missing must-haves.

All Accessories

This medium-sized multi-zippered, 8” x 6” bag expands up to 3 inches, giving me more than enough to begin piling the pocket beneath the top zipper.

Keep Your Shit Together bag and All Accessories

The size of this bag fits up to four 13-dram (48.1 mL) bottles and a couple of packs of pliers piled on top to keep from breaking. I also keep a bottle of eye drops on deck to eliminate redness and relieve irritation from everyday allergies.

Lighter, Raw Papers, Moonrocks

Sandwiched in the middle, under a row of metal teeth, I keep a book of crutches, a lighter, Moonrocks, and lip balm. Using a book of crutches makes rolling up 1,000 percent easier. Select, pull, fold, then roll the pre-cut cardstock to a crutch for a firm lip bit. Lip balm is another necessity. We always regret not having it when we want it, so I’ve made it a vital must-have in my canna-pack.

A lighter is always good to have because it’s the most important and forgotten thing. Moonrocks are definitely extra, but I see them as the guac to my blunts, so I just like to have them as an option.

The bottom section holds travel-sized essentials like hand sanitizer, mints, and bobby pins.

Bobby Pins, Chap StickHand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is always a good idea to keep handy. When it comes to getting the residue off your fingers, soap and water won’t do the trick. You’ll need the heavy-duty cleaning power, but as the skin starts to absorb the alcohol-based solution, your hands will be cleansed of resin, and smell fresh or, like my favourite scent, coconut.

Stay stylish while packing your pipe or cashing a bowl with extra bobby pins. When cottonmouth strikes, count on the tingly feeling of a cool mint to freshen up your breath and moisten your mouth.

Each essential has its own place in my handy carry all travel tote. Sometimes, I hide an extra lighter at the top pocket as a backup to my copy, use business cards for crutches, and joint newspapers as an option to repair tears in my wraps.

This is how I keep my shit together. Let us know in the comments section what’s in your daily bag of essentials, and how you arrange your blunt basics.

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