Smart Ventures Targets $100M For Subsidiary Marijuana Funding Group

Smart Ventures, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has hired a veteran fund manager to launch its initial private placement capital raise of $100 Million for investment in private and public medical marijuana companies. The fund is beginning to receive initial commitments from its LP’s and is starting to issue commitments for funding new portfolio companies.

The fund’s Investment Criteria into cannabis businesses is simple:

Minimum Investment: We invest $50,000 and up.

Investment Type: Equity

Early or Late Stage Company

Cannabis Industry Investment Only: Medical marijuana retail outlets, edibles, vaporizer oil & pens, cannabis tracking technology, payment processing, vending machines, production equipment, real estate related to cannabis markets and any other service related to this industry.

Geographical: Partners located or doing business in a legalized medical marijuana state, in the United States or Canada.

“We are excited about the diversification into the private equity space for the medical marijuana industry. As a cancer survivor, I strongly support the initiatives going on in the country to legalize medical marijuana to relieve the suffering and pain for so many medical illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and seizures and this has championed the cause for me,” says Roger Smith, CEO.

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