Here Are Things To Know Should You Decide Investing On Medical Marijuana Stock

For example, Washington state growers (again, for medical and non-medical purposes) produced 13.5 tons of flowers in the first 12 months following the opening of the states’ first recreational marijuana shop. Unfortunately, only 10 tons were purchased by consumers. Some of the excess can be used in oils, but the consensus here is that growers, processors, and retailers really don’t understand their customer base (and demand) yet.

8. The 2016 elections will have a big bearing on the industry Investors need to be aware that the upcoming presidential and congressional elections in 2016 could have a major impact on the sector. A presidential candidate that doesn’t favor marijuana’s expansion, or a Congress that remains apathetic toward marijuana, could be bad for the industry as a whole. On the flip side, a marijuana proponent in the Oval Office could be a boon for the industry. We won’t know anything for a little more than a year, but be aware that the outcome of this election is extremely important for medical marijuana stocks.

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