Starts Atmosphere, its oral dose-metered spray

Emblem Starts Atmosphere, its first oral dose-metered spray

 Emblem Corp. (TSXV: EMC, OTCQX: EMMBF), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Emblem Cannabis Corporation, a certified manufacturer of medical cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, today announced the launch of its first oral dose-metered spray, Emblem Atmosphere. Designed in mind with patients’ needs, Atmosphere guarantees a dose with every spray and a handy medication delivery system. Atmosphere is available in four different formulations, offering patients and healthcare professionals choice to meet an assortment of health goals.

“The launch of Atmosphere is further reinforcement of Emblem’s core focus on creating new, innovative and unique products that assist patients — Emblem’s first and foremost priority. Atmosphere oral sprays were created to help patients manage their symptoms through precise dosing of the cannabis medication,” said Nick Dean, CEO, Emblem Corp. “This latest product launch is a testament to the incredible work being done by Emblem’s medical division. Dosing in every spray enables patients adjust use as needed and to easily track medication use. Atmosphere sprays provide patients with a more and cleaner discreet encounter. ”

Atmosphere oral sprays use the same formulations as Emblem’s lineup of cannabis oils including 12:20 Balanced CBD Oil, 0:20 CBD Oil, 20:0 Indica Dominant Oil and 20:0 Sativa Dominant Oil. Each formula is chemovar-specific to guarantee product consistency. Atmosphere sprays are developed using MCT oil, a carrier oil that is odourless flavour-neutral and shelf-stable.

The oral sprays are meant to be administered sublingually, with every spray providing 0.1 ml of oil, or roughly 2 milligrams of active ingredients. Atmosphere comes in a 15 ml cannister, with 150 sprays per bottle. 

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About Emblem
Emblem, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Emblem Cannabis Corporation, is a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of cannabis and cannabis derivatives in Canada under the ACMPR. Emblem’s indoor cannabis cultivation facility and development and research lab is located in Paris, Ontario. Led by a seasoned management team of cannabis experts, advertising professionals that were accomplished, and healthcare executives, Emblem is focused on driving shareholder value through brand relevance product innovation, and accessibility to patient and customer channels. Emblem is also the parent company of GrowWise Health Limited, one of Canada’s major cannabis education services.


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