Colorado Had Several Cannabis Shops Closed Down This Year

You never know whats going to happen with it until you start riding it. Derby said she mostly sees issues with inventory tracking systems on the local level. Statewide, some stores have neglected to install video surveillance throughout the premises, others to take out excise-tax security bond for three months of sales, and still others have missed an employee background check or not listed all of their investors.

Even if a grow or dispensary gets off the ground, it might still make a misstep transferring inventory from medical to recreational something the state allowed on a one-time basis when recreational shops were getting started or in the nearly from-scratch process of transferring ownership. It’s a hugely complicated business that’s not for the faint-hearted, said Sullivan. It takes a lot of oversight and good old-fashioned keeping your hands on the wheel.

You have to make sure that you follow all those steps and that you’ve got great record-keeping. You create a thorough process, make sure that your staff is thoroughly trained in that process, and that you come back and verify. Despite the challenges, Sullivan says he understands the states need for regulation.

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