‘Stoned Gamer League’ Forces Competitors to Become High Before Playing

‘Stoned Gamer League’ Forces Competitors to Become High Before Playing

Ahead of the Stoned Gamer League existed, bong rips and impromptu dorm room Mario Kart tournaments were as competitive as stoned gaming obtained. That all changed when Zeus Tipado founded the league a few years back. After witnessing the growth of both the esports and cannabis industry, in addition to a clear overlap between gamers and stoners, he created a platform that unites the two cultures.

Competitive gaming is a much different vibe than smoking, Netflixing and terrifying. There are far more passion and adrenaline in the room.

Members of the league can compete on the Internet or in person at the Stoned Gamer Arena in Downtown Los Angeles. Even if you’re able to ’t make it to the Stoned Gamer Arena, the contest is available to anyone throughout the planet with access to video games and bud . You don’t have to be a professional gamer to go into the league, but if you want to win you’ll have to be a monster at gaming while high.

Gaming while blazed at the Stoned Gamer Arena in Downtown Los Angeles.

SGL’s founder, Zeus told Green Rush Daily that he “actually got into the cannabis industry by composing for High Times back in 2014. ”

After writing several articles on video games and cannabis, he started to seek out new ways to bring both together. Shortly after, he started the Stoned Gamer that’s a website devoted to independent game development.

On 4/20 of 2016, the Stoned Gamer Tournament season started. Audiences can observe competitors get high on their Twitch livestream. We asked if Twitch was cool with them broadcasting their gamers smoking weed. Apparently, Twitch has a much chiller approach than YouTube’s mystery bans.

“we’ve agreed to terms that allow our gamers to get high on camera and play games. That’s the deal we established and we really look forward to continuing this awesome partnership,” Zeus said.

To compete in one of the Stoned Gamer Tournaments, you’ll have to register with the league first. Then, you must earn enough points by playing games to be eligible for the contest.

Rule Number One: You Need to Get High To Perform

'Stoned Gamer League' Forces Competitors To Get High Before Playing

Big bong rips before a game.

There are numerous rules to the Stoned Gamer League but the most important one is “you need to get high to play. ”

Prior to competing at the Stoned Gamer Arena, competitors in attendance must enter the “altitude booth” to broadcast their high. Anyone competing from home is required to ship “Proof of Elevation. ” That means recording themselves smoking/dabbing and sending the proof to a league official.

The Stoner Gamer Tournament brings a whole new meaning to “high score. ” Gamers decide how large they get. It can be a dab hit or a bong rip of three varying sizes. The bigger your reach, the greater you score.

There are three bonus options to select from. Teams can earn 2 bonus points for every player that clears a .25 gram dab or a.5 g bong rip. Level 2 is 10 points for every player that completes a.5 g dab or a complete gram bong rip.

For level 3, you’ll need someone with a super high tolerance and iron lungs. Players that complete a complete gram dab or a 2-gram bong rip can earn 30 bonus points.

However, bonus points are only applied if the team wins. So that you may ’t have the whole team do a two g dab and slump over their keyboards and expect to be rewarded for it. Players will need to strategically choose how large they could get before their performance is affected.

“We’re not trying to get the best stoner or the best gamer, we’re trying to locate the best stoned gamer,” Zeus stated.

It’s a competitive game structure so you’ll obviously require some skills to get far in the tournament. But you don’t need to become a pro-gamer, have deep pockets or a enormous Instagram following to become a member. Just bring some weed.

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