Stoner Subscription Box with New Glass Every Month

The best stoner subscription boxes come jam packed with new things to try every month, but have you found one that comes with a new glass piece every month? As well as a few other items like smoking accessories, smell proof bags, and collectibles, Hemper is known to add in a newly designed glass piece with each month’s box. It’s no wonder they are one of the most popular options when it comes to stoner subscription boxes. 

These subscription boxes are delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Typically you can subscribe to a one, three, or six-month plan. In general, the longer plans offer discounted rates per box. This allows you to subscribe to the box and receive cool items at a lower cost.

The Benefits of A Stoner Subscription Box 

Stoner subscription boxes provide a few unique benefits to their subscribers. These benefits include convenience, secrecy, and the exploration of new and trendy items. Stoner subscription boxes bring you what you need without you having to leave the couch. They offer you everything you need to chill, delivered directly to your door.

Subscription boxes also offer you secrecy. The contents of the boxes are carefully concealed inside discreet packaging. You are the only person that needs to know what is inside of the package. The most important benefit provided to the subscriber of a stoner box is the chance to explore new products. 

These subscription boxes ship new and trendy smoking products to your doorstep every month. Most companies do not promote the contents of the box before shipping. Every month, new surprises await you, with different products at a rate that can only be found through using a subscription service. This allows you to try new things at a low cost.

The Best Stoner Subscription Boxes with New Glass Pieces

Hemper is one of the few stoner subscription boxes that includes a newly designed & curated glass piece every month regardless of how many months you subscribe for. With subscriptions ranging from $9.99/.month to $39.99/month, you will be sure to find something to fit your needs. The retail value of all items exceed $149+ and are shipped to you on the same day each month in discreet packaging.

Each box includes a premium glass piece, smoking essentials, and limited-edition smoking accessories. There are at least ten products in each month’s box. These products are shipped to your home at no cost, provided that you live in the United States. Non-U.S. subscribers will pay additional for shipping.

Each subscription box brings you new bongs for stoners, smoking essentials you may need to get through the month. This includes blunt wraps, rolling papers, and lighters. They can also include stickers, bong mats, and stash containers. Hemper brings you affordability and variety straight to your doorstep to help you try the latest smoking gear without leaving the couch.

Hemper Stoner Subscription Box

There are a few other stoner subscription boxes to choose from in the market, but not every company offers a new glass every month or designs the glass themselves. 

Whether you like to enjoy your sesh sometimes or often, Hemper has a subscription box for avid and once in a while smokers. Their boxes help determine what kind of products you would like to receive each month by letting you try new things. When you select a subscription service based on your preferences, you will find something you like and get to try limited edition accessories from the product innovators at Hemper.


A stoner subscription box is the best way to try new products at a low cost. The boxes will introduce you to new smoking accessories and provide you with the items you need to enjoy your sesh for the month, depending on how often you toke.

Regardless of the box you select, stoner subscription boxes offer a few distinct benefits. They offer secrecy, convenience, and the chance to try new products. Hemper includes accessories retailing over $149 for only $39.99 shipped to your door! Start ordering their boxes to collect one of their limited edition pieces. From a UFO bong to a Ninja rig, Hemper has got something for all connoisseurs. See how a stoner subscription box can offer the best value for your smoking accessory needs.

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