Strain Review: Have a Bowl of Cookies & Cream by CRU Cannabis

Strain Review: Have a Bowl of Cookies & Cream by CRU Cannabis

The pop phenom called Taylor Swift (you might have heard of her) once said: “I’d rather be at home and eat ice cream than go out and get wasted. ” A statement from a wise woman takes a new meaning when you bring rsquo CRU Cannabis &;s Cookies & Cream into the mix.

Cookies & Cream’s beautiful bud structure represents the CRU crew’s farming abilities. The strain makes for a full-bodied flower that is covered in trichomes, and is a mysterious phenotype in the Cookie fam and a cross between Starfighter. The flower had a true elastic density, which made dissecting it for my day a pleasure.

I had a solo sesh in my home office, where the combined ’s initial hit provided a very smooth flavor  and imparted a sweet, nutty vanilla. My half-smoked joint amplified my focus and left me with an enhanced ability to focus on the tasks at hand.

Cookies & Cream buds are vibrant with colour, with no fewer than three different shades of green which change from deep emerald to mild lime, orange pistils, and innumerable yellowish trichomes indiscriminately dusted throughout each bud, and a few special leaves sporting rich violet hues. Odor and her impressive looks inviting than freshly convections cooling on a windowsill, gave me a lot to look forward to.

We broke the buds up and rolled them into a tight joint for a day smoke sesh. Getting a drag out took some effort, without feeling groggy or sleepy, as I became profoundly relaxed, but the job was well worth the effort.

The sweet, vanilla flavor profile was somewhat difficult to enjoy due to the flavor being smothered by the rolling paper. I find that cultivars with profiles are more easy for my taste buds to find than sweeter strains’ flavor. Make certain to toke these buds in a vaporizer or a few clean glass to see what Cookies & rsquo & Cream;s terpenes can do.

Suzy Nguyen

Cookies & Cream, cultivated by CRU Cannabis, left a hot taste on my tongue along with a stony, couch-lock effect on my body. When I took a whiff of the Cream & Cookies flower, a odor which made my taste buds excited to smoke the strain was immediately caught by my nose. The dense layers of calyxes made the flower a struggle to break apart as the bud’s trichomes stuck to my fingers. Once the bud was flowers, a tight joint wrapped. Turns out the density of these buds maintained the burning strong.

The Cookies & Cream joint cycled through the circle a few times and put the sesh participants into a gentle daze. However, given while the flavors were not as the odor, CRU Cannabis & rsquo; Cookies and Cream.

Following the joint wound down to the tail-end, the crowded room appeared to clear, and leave me  alone with my thoughts as all the things I had been stressing about suddenly melted away. Overall, potency rsquo; s Cookies and Cream provides all the bud structure that is aesthetic and CRU Cannabis & you ’d hope to get a top-shelf bud. It’s the Great dessert herb.  

Some strains are more memorable than others, and CRU Cannabis’ Cookies & Cream offered intriguing tastes and a high I’m unlikely to forget anytime soon.

When I first started in on the sesh’s Cookies & Cream joint, I had to focus a little to divide the marijuana ’s flavor from the rolling paper. It was a subtle vanilla with a nutty edge that actually started to come through when the smoke hit on the back of my mouth. The process of identifying these tastes and after them teed me up perfectly to the high that followed and put me in a mellow, meditative state.

And what a gorgeous high it was! My head was loose but my thinking was clear. The effects started up the doors to get a kind of energy that was focused, creative conversation, and even some much needed relaxation. CRU Cannabis & rsquo; Cookies & Cream is the way to go, if you & rsquo; re searching for something to help you mellow out at the end of the day without melting your body.

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