Study Confirms CBD Medication Epidiolex Can Reduce Seizures

Study Confirms CBD Medication Epidiolex Can Reduce Seizures

But, we’ve mostly relied on anecdotal proof of its capacities until recently. Here’s a closer look at what the study says, and what these results could mean for medical marijuana patients.

Most Claimed That Medical Marijuana Can Treat Seizures

Conventional drugs used to treat seizures are often ineffective and inconvenient. Conversely, CBD can be an extremely effective treatment with few health ramifications.

Many folks who suffer from seizures and parents of kids with seizure-inducing conditions advocate for CBD accessibility. Algire puts a small amount of CBD in her son’s breakfast. He had just had one seizure since beginning this treatment.

For many, CBD isn’t a matter of convenience. One mother explained that her son went from taking 25 pills a day, which were often ineffective, to five–all with the help of CBD. “Once we began him on CBD oil, we noticed a big difference right away, and we weaned him off of the pharmaceuticals,” said the mother with an epilepsy awareness meeting.

A Lead Researcher Has Long Advocated For CBD Use

Almost Half Of All CBD Users Stop Using Modern Medicine

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Dr. Orrin Devinsky, M.D is a leader in epilepsy and neurology research. This breakthrough study represents only his latest work in the field.

Two years back, Dr. Devinsky went on camera to explain why cannabinoids can treat epilepsy. “We don’t today know precisely how CBD exerts its biological effects, which include in animal models, quite potent anti-convulsant or anti-seizure effects in a lot of species and in numerous unique models of epilepsy,” stated the NYU Epilepsy Center physician.

Not only did preliminary research on animals show promising results, but marijuana treatment for predates modern medicine. ” despite having been used in the treatment of epilepsy for centuries, we, unfortunately, know relatively little at this moment, from randomized controlled trials, about cannabis and epilepsy,” elaborated the physician.

Study Says CBD Medication Can Reduce Seizures

Years later, Dr. Orin Devinsky’s dedication to analyzing CBD has yielded remarkable results. Especially, this study looks at individuals with early onset Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a type of epilepsy. These patients, between 2 and 55 years old, have undergone multiple seizures a day from early childhood that possibly impeded brain development.

Before beginning the study, doctors diagnosed all 225 patients as treatment resistant. When they started the study, these patients were already on anti-seizure medication. The objective of the study was to determine whether CBD may be used safely in tandem with other prescription drugs.

Researchers divided them into three groups: One group received two 20 mg doses of CBD per day, another took 10 mg and a third was the control group. They took CBD in the kind of Epidiolex, a drug produced by GW Pharmaceuticals, who endorsed the study.

They discovered that the 20 mg group experienced over 40 percent reduction in seizures, on average. The 10 mg class saw a 37 percent fewer seizures. Those in the placebo groups also experienced a decrease in the number of seizures.

The study concluded, “the accession of cannabidiol at a dose of 10 mg or 20 mg per kilogram per day to a conventional antiepileptic regimen led to greater reductions in the frequency of drop seizures compared to placebo. ” Researchers added the caveat that the CBD groups had higher levels of enzymes that possibly lead to liver problems, it concluded in favor of CBD treatment for epilepsy.

American Scientific Evidence Finally Supports CBD Use

As Dr. Devinsky explains, CBD treatment for epilepsy isn’t a new invention. However, its acceptance as scientific fact is. In Israel, scientists have already begun to extensively study CBD for epilepsy and autism. Hopefully, this latest American study will  result in greater CBD access, even though it starts with only   Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome patients.

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