Study: Vaporization Produces More Intense High Than Smoking Flower

Study: Vaporization Produces More Intense High Than Smoking Flower

Vaping marijuana gets you higher than smoking , according to a new study published in an American Medical Association journal.

To check the gap, researchers began by recruiting 17 people who’d consumed cannabis in the past year but had abstained for at least one month. Each individual participated in six sessions which lasted 8 1/2 hours — three in which they smoked marijuana and three where they vaped it. There were three THC concentrations for both rounds of testing: zero, 10 mg and 25 milligrams.

After smoking or vaping, the participants were asked to fill out questionnaires to self-report their experience, and then the researchers administered a set of physical and cognitive tests. Their blood was also subsequently analyzed.

But the participants got pretty benign. They reported feeling hungry, sleepy and pleasant. Some became anxious or paranoid. Three participants experienced adverse events, such as nausea, after swallowing the 25 mg of cannabis.

Most frequent consumers can probably attest to experiencing at least some of those things from time to time.

In previous studies, researchers allowed participants to adjust their THC dose, which is likely why earlier results suggested that smoking got people higher than vaping. But while you hold the THC dose constant, vaping seems to be a more efficient delivery system, probably because smoking demands combustion that could deplete THC.

“Vendors and consumers of cannabis products should remember that inhaling cannabis with a vaporizer could create more pronounced drug effects and handicap than traditional smoking procedures,” the researchers wrote.

That’s pertinent information as the marijuana market continues to expand. More people are opting for vaporizers, and the analysis suggests that new or uncommon cannabis consumers should probably approach vaporizers with a little more caution, start low and go slow.

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