Supreme Cannabis Company Inc (CVE: FIRE)

logo-supreme-whiteSupreme Cannabis Company, Inc (also known as Supreme Pharma and Bioscience) is a Canadian company formerly in mining and now in biomedicine, particularly medical marijuana. The company has a greenhouse in Ontario and is preparing to sell its products online.

The Supreme Greenhouse in Kincardine, Ontario is the company’s flagship. It is a 342-square feet area, of which 280,000 square feet will be allotted for growing cannabis while over 6,000 will be for research and development. Unlike many marijuana-growing operations, which use indoor cultivation facilities, Supreme emphasizes that its greenhouse will use natural sunlight supplemented by state-of-the-art equipment.

The company’s grow operations began when it acquired Advanced Medical Marijuana Canada (AMMCan). This corporation has been preapproved by Health Canada to produce and distribute a yearly total of 24,000 kilograms of marijuana. It now operates as Supreme Pharma’s wholly owned subsidiary Supreme Medical Marijuana (AMMCan Supreme).

Supreme has started to set up an online shop as well as a customer discount program called CanAssist.

Founded in Calgary in 1979, Supreme Pharmaceuticals was formerly known as Sonar Energy Company; Strata Energy Company; US Platinum, Inc; and Universal Energy Corp. From 2007, it was Supreme Resources, Ltd, which was a junior exploration company with projects on base and precious metals in British Columbia. The company finally became Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Inc in March 2014.

Today, Supreme Pharma is listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange as SL and in the US OTC markets as SPRWF. It has a market cap of USD 22.91 M.

The company is led by David Stadnyk, Chairman, President, and CEO; Brayden R. Sutton, Executive VP; and Thaddeus Conrad, Production Advisor. Alongside them are executives from AMMCan Supreme, including Peter M. Herburger, CEO; John Fowler, Director of Operations; and Dr. Kenneth Adams, Medical Director.

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