Using Pot As Painkiller Still Yet To Be Studied And Decided Upon For Legalization

State officials will hold off for another year on deciding whether to expand Minnesota’s new medical marijuana program to residents suffering chronic pain. But the state is waiting until next year to make the call. Officials say it could overextend manufacturers as they rush to launch the program this summer. That means patients... more →
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Medical Pot Augments Efficacy Of Other Medicines According To Study

An international team of investigators from Australia and England assessed the use of cannabis among a cohort of 1514 Australians who had been prescribed pharmaceutical opioids for chronic non-cancer pain. Cannabis is often administered as an analgesic agent by chronic pain patients, many of whom report that it augments the pain-relieving... more →
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Eaze Gives “Go Signal” For First Available On-demand Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Eventually, Eaze will expand to the remaining 20 states where medical marijuana is now legal. Eaze asks that prospective patients in those areas pre-register at so that Eaze can document local needs and build partnerships with dispensaries, growers and caregivers serving those areas. The state of California legalized... more →
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