Medical Cannabis Dispensary Applicants Sues Clark County

        Five medical marijuana dispensary applicants are suing the County Commission in three separate lawsuits that call into question the legality of the county’s process of issuing special use permits to dispensary applicants. The outcome affects more than just dispensary owners — patient access is also... more →
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Nevada Medical Pot Dispensaries In The Middle Of Dispute

There could be fewer medical marijuana dispensaries opening next year, because of a growing dispute between Clark County and the state. The county was allowed to select 18 applicants that would then be approved for a business license by the state. But the state made eight changes to the county’s list, and on Monday, commissioners... more →
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Hurdles of Medical Marijuana Business As Measured By Experts

You need money, you need a great team, and you need a great location, said attorney and medical marijuana advocate Bruce Gale. Let me rephrase that. You need a location. Every day for the past year, Gale has dedicated at least a little bit of time to studying Nevada’s medical marijuana regulation. He expects the first medical... more →
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