Medical Pot Update: Good News For Advocates In Form Of Cromnibus Bill

The spending package contains language forbidding federal agencies from using their resources to go after medical marijuana in states where it is legal. Bottom line, its a great thing, said Camper, president of the nonprofit group behind Organic Solutions of the Desert, a licensed dispensary in Palm Springs. Now we just want to... more →
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US Legal Cannabis Industry Estimated to be Worth Over $2 Billion in 2014

A recent report in the Washington Post said the legal cannabis industry could reach revenues of $35 billion by 2020. Several companies are emerging as leaders in this industry. AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (, is a leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of marijuana storage and dispensing systems... more →
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Spending Bill Has Protections For Medical Pot

Medical marijuana advocates in California are cheering an amendment included in the federal spending bill . But the measure still leaves room for uncertainty. The amendment prohibits the U.S. Department of Justice from using federal money to interfere with states medical marijuana laws. Advocates said that means federal prosecutions... more →
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20 Stocks To Invest For Continued Legalization of Pot

A full 19 US states allow the sale and use of medical marijuana. After last November’s initiatives, pot is legal in Washington and Colorado. Though marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government, a fact that occasionally results in raids of dispensaries in legalized states, the legalization of pot continues... more →
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Medical Pot Protections In Spending Bill Submitted By Congress

The spending bill includes an amendment that prohibits the Department of Justice from using funds to go after state-legal medical cannabis programs. If the bill is signed into law, it will bring the federal government one step closer to ending raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as stopping arrests of individuals involved... more →
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Tighter Regulations Proposed By Medical Marijuana Providers

Medical Marijuana was hit further by the state legislature, with a new law strongly restricting access to medicinal pot, but subsequently a judge granted an injunction limiting that law. That’s pushed some businesses to go behind the scenes, but some dispensaries are coming back. And this time its providers and shop owners... more →
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Marijuana Company Bud Genius in Talks to Acquire High Profile Celebrity Product Endorsements

Bud Genius (RIGH) is currently negotiating exclusive product endorsement and licensing deals with celebrities, stars, entertainers, and other household names. Competitors in the industry have eagerly but unsuccessfully sought these high profile endorsement agreements in the past, intending to brand cannabis-related products using... more →
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The Opening Of Stores On The Olympic Peninsula In WA Announced By Med-Cannabis Pharma

In Connection with that decision a shareholder (South Beach Live, Inc.) has agreed to transfer to James 10,000,000 shares of Restricted Common Stock that it owns. That will leave the total outstanding Common Stock for Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. at approximately51 Million shares with no commitment for additional stock to be issued. Currently,... more →
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