Manhattan’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary: A Review

Inside Columbia Care, one of New York City’s first medicinal marijuana dispensaries. The Columbia Care shop is located on 14th Street right off Manhattan’s Union Square. The dispensary’s exterior is intentionally discreet, lacking marijuana plant designs so commonly seen around the country. There are five security... more →
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Marijuana Dispensary Lawsuits Prompted Finances

Robert Walder, who was fired as the dispensary’s chief financial officer in April, sued three other partners David Blair, Zach Lazarus and Douglas Cristofo in July for fraud, negligence and mismanagement of the business, which is called A Green Alternative. Walder’s suit, which seeks more than $168,000, contends his... more →
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Five Common Myths About Medical Marijuana

MYTH: All strains are created equally. “There are definitely wide differences in strains, most notably with respect to their concentrations of THC and CBD. There are so many differences, and they can be so hard to keep track of, that actually, many people advocate not paying attention so much to what the strain is, but instead... more →
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Drug Charges Filed Against Former Medical Pot Dispensary Owner

After a trial Friday that consisted of the testimony two undercover narcotics officers, Samer Hamed was found guilty of keeping more than a pound of marijuana under the bathroom sink in his Northeast Side home. Hamed was a co-owner of the now-defunct Purple Med marijuana dispensary at 1365 Plainfield Ave. NE. He was arrested in February... more →
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Sauget, Illinois May Have Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

“It will be like running a Starbucks,” Griffin said. “At peak times, it will be well staffed. But there will also be part-time employees floating through.” This is what Tanya Griffin, VP of The Green Solution, have said about the 1st marijuana dispensary in Sauget. The Green Solution, a Denver based firm, will operate from... more →
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Medical Marijuana Legalization Still In Limbo But Prices Go Up

The Illinois Department of Public Health, using money from the dedicated Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Fund, has shelled out nearly  $1.5 million to Iron Data Solutions Inc. for the software used to house the registry of patients and caregivers allowed to purchase medical marijuana, according to records from the Illinois... more →
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Councilman In Detroit Seeks To Clarify Legal Pot Law

A Detroit city councilman, worried about an influx of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, wants state lawmakers to help give local governments the tools to regulate them. Since medical marijuana was legalized by voters in 2008, dispensaries have opened up in Detroit at an alarming rate, according to Councilman James Tate. Tate... more →
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