The Future Of The Marijuana Industry In The US of A

Arena is not alone in this growing field of cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals. In April 2015, GW Pharmaceuticals plc (LON: GLC) of London received orphan drug status for Epidiolex , a drug based on the cannabinoid CBD. It has shown promise in trials for helping to reduce the number of seizures in those suffering from severe epilepsy.... more →
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Pot May Worsen This Condition Contradictory To Previous Findings

Over the past few years we’ve seen numerous positive studies emerge on the effects of marijuana. Some of these studies have shown that marijuana may have a positive effect on treating aggressive brain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and even type 2 diabetes. But could millions of Americans... more →
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Minnesota Finally Legalized Medical Marijuana

Kelsey held up the prescription bottle holding the cannabis pills she would be giving her 24-year-old son, Alec, later that morning. She and other parents and patients have lobbied for years to legalize the medication. Now she will finally see whether it can help ease the seizures and symptoms of Alec’s epilepsy. “We decided... more →
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IGC Files Preliminary Phytocannabinoid Patent For Seizure Indication

IGC, Inc. (IGC) announces that the company applied for a provisional patent based on a novel therapy that uses extracts from the cannabis plant for the treatment of multiple seizure disorders and medical refractory epilepsy. The therapy, which is expected to also have applications in veterinarian use, is administered using a variety... more →
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Louisiana Legislature Gives Approval To Medical Marijuana Bill

The Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners would set rules regarding various prescriptions, Louisiana Board of Pharmacy would set rules regarding dispensaries; and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture will handle setting of rules for a single cultivation site. The bill restricts the use of medical marijuana to patients suffering... more →
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Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program Registration Is Now Open To The State’s Public

His mother, skeptical at first about the drug’s usefulness, watched as Scott’s seizures dropped from hundreds a day to just a handful. He started smiling. His eyesight improved. They weaned him off his other epilepsy medications and treatments. Rapp’s son Scott has been taking his seizure medications again since he... more →
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Medical Marijuana Patients In Minnesota Have Trouble Getting The Pot

Many patients in Minnesota, especially those suffering from diseases like epilepsy or PTSD, to name a few, are very happy that they can use medical marijuana legally to get rid of their health problems.  However, there is a sort of bad news. The law passed last year requires a physician to certify that a patient has one of nine... more →
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Teen With Epilepsy Fighting For Rights To Bring Medical Pot To School

But Genny, 16, who has epilepsy and autism, needs a dose of medical marijuana oil four times a day to remain stable. If she misses a dose, she becomes agitated and may even hurt herself, according to her parents. Genny’s parents has tried different medicines for epilepsy and for her autism, but none have decreased the frequency... more →
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