USDA Adjustment As Colorado Disciplinarian Hauling Hemp To Minnesota Is Arrested In S.D.

By Admin A Colorado disciplinarian carriage essentially kilos of hemp to Minnesota changed into pulled over a remaining month in South Dakota despite an adjustment from the U.S. Department of agronomics now not to block hemp shipments. South Dakota troopers on July sixteen pulled over Robert Herzberg, forty-one, as he transported... more →
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U.S. senators introduce first bill allowing veteran access to medical marijuana

The bill has the potential to improve many veterans’ quality of life The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, introduced Wednesday by two Democratic senators, has the potential to literally save the lives of many veterans, or at the very least improve their quality. As it currently stands, V.A. doctors are not allowed... more →
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This robot makes growing cannabis a lot easier

No need for expensive lighting. This robot moves plants towards the light. Would you buy a tiny six-legged robot that moves your plant in and out of the sun, doing a cute little dance to let you know when it needs more water? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you’re in luck. This is now a possibility, thanks to the work of Tianqi Sun,... more →
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BC lawyer says medical marijuana users should have right to buy pot in stores

Successful applicants for Sask.s retail cannabis stores are worried about the continuing operation of illegal outlets once recreational marijuana is legalized. A three-week hearing is underway at BC Supreme Court, where City of Vancouver lawyers are fighting to shut down dozens of unlicensed medical marijuana pot shops. The citys existing... more →
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How Legal States Intend Tackling “High” Drivers

The issue of weed-intoxicated drivers is a serious and concerning one. Thousands of people die on the roads every year because people climb behind the wheel when impaired, whether “high” on pot, drunk on booze, or otherwise Non Compos Mentos. Until now, officers have not had any tools available to detect marijuana use in drivers,... more →
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Cash Dilemma of California’s Pot Dispensaries

Weed may be legal in two-thirds of the United States for medical purposes, recreational use, or both, but any profits are still drug monies under federal law. Until the federal government changes its stance on marijuana, companies that operate legally, in states that allow cannabis sales, must work on a cash-only basis. This puts... more →
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How to Make Chill Cannabis Chili

In a world increasingly crowded with new cannabis chefs and cookbooks, it’s good to have time-tested experts like Cheri Sicard, whose information you can rely on. Known as “Cannabis Cheri” to her friends and fans online, Sicard is a dedicated activist who founded the Marijuana Lifer Project, which joins nonviolent offenders... more →
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