Legal Marijuana Sales Could Quadruple by 2020, New Study Shows

According to a new report from ArcView Market Research, legal marijuana sales could grow by 30% per year through 2020. IMAGE SOURCE: PIXABAY. Ready or not, legal marijuana could be coming to a state or city near you in the not-too-distant future. Since 1996, we’ve witnessed an incredibly quick rate of expansion for marijuana... more →
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Report: Colorado pot sales top $1B in 2015

Schuyler Trowbridge keeps track of inventory at Green Tree Medicinals, 12626 N. 107th St. in Longmont last year. (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer) Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion in 2015, according to a new report from cannabis investment firm the ArcView Group. Estimates put the figure at $1.005 billion, up nearly... more →
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1776 2.0 Is The Front Lines Of The New Revolt

They don’t think their home state has earned taxes on the Amazon purchases or that it deserves any share of the mutually beneficial exchange between you and your dry wall guy. I bet you can think of a few dozen more examples, and increasingly were all in business and in personal life thinking of more and more ways to game... more →
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We Are Not Just a Medical Marijuana Stock

Medical marijuana stocks have been all the rage and CARA has been lumped into that category, but the story is much deeper. Dr. Derek Chalmer, CEO of Cara Therapeutics joins Jill Malandrino at the NASDAQ MarketSite to give a complete review of the company. The company’s lead program is an opiate-based program with the promise... more →
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Colorado Moves to Solve the Cannabis Banking Problem

Colorado legislators approved a bill to create cannabis credit co-ops in an attempt to resolve the banking problems for marijuana businesses. While it’s a positive step for these small businesses, the co-ops won’t be able to create checking accounts without the approval of the Federal Reserve, which is unlikely. The... more →
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