In Washington, Three Senators Unveil Medical Marijuana Bill

The bill would end the federal prohibition on medical marijuana and eliminate the ambiguity surrounding related state laws. It would untie the hands of veterans’ doctors when it comes to recommending the drug and bankers when it comes to providing business services to the industry. It would also facilitate very limited inter-state... more →
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Petition For Marijuana Growing Locations Organized By Group

“I just don’t think it makes good sense to build large facilities for a marijuana plant when it may be legal in one state but the federal government says it’s illegal in all states,” Maloney said. The proposal also identifies a 35 acre site in Licking County as a growing location. The property, on Mink Rd... more →
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20 Stocks To Invest For Continued Legalization of Pot

A full 19 US states allow the sale and use of medical marijuana. After last November’s initiatives, pot is legal in Washington and Colorado. Though marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government, a fact that occasionally results in raids of dispensaries in legalized states, the legalization of pot continues... more →
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Planters Of Cannabis Grow In Numbers In Wall Street As Their Product Goes Public

Public markets provide an easy and inexpensive source of financing, Peterson said, especially compared with institutional banks and other lenders that aren’t willing risk loaning money to companies engaged in a business that the federal government still considers illegal.  On a public exchange, investors seeking higher-risk,... more →
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