SEC Gives Warnings To Investors About Pot Stock Scams

The SEC halted trading of Denver-based FusionPharm until May 31 because of questions regarding the accuracy of assertions made by the company and others about FusionPharm’s financial statements and condition. Recent changes in state laws concerning medical and recreational marijuana have created new opportunities for penny... more →
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SEC Warns Investors To Just Say “No” To Pot Stocks

The Securities and Exchange Commission issued an alert Friday about the risk of fraud in thinly-traded shares of companies involved in the legal marijuana business. The SEC warns that “fraudsters” may be using the excitement about the boom in recreational marijuana in states where the drug has been legalized, such as... more →
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US Regulators On Alert For Marijuana Firm Investment Scams

The Securities and Exchange Commission said it has already suspended trading in five different cannabis microcap companies in the past few months. The latest crackdown Friday was against FusionPharm Inc., a Denver-based company purportedly selling cultivation systems for marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington legalized the... more →
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