Morgan Stanley Cozies Up to Medical Marijuana Stock GWPH

Morgan Stanley has given GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) its vote of confidence, stamping the leader in cannabis-based drugs with a bullish “overweight” rating and a $103.00 price target for the stock on account of the upside potential of epilepsy drug Epidiolex and the company’s “novel platform.” Upon the... more →
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GW Pharmaceuticals Most Legit Among Marijuana Stocks

GWPH stock has a market capitalization of about $1 billion, the company trades on the Nasdaq for more than $60 per share, and it actually has clinically tested medicines based on marijuana instead of just hyped up marketing claims. It is not an exaggeration to call GWPH stock the most legitimate marijuana stock that is out there... more →
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GW Pharmaceuticals Marijuana Stock Skyrockets On Morgan Stanley Coverage

Shares in GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) were soaring Tuesday following a bullish rating from Morgan Stanley analysts. Morgan Stanley gave the British company an “overweight” rating, but it most likely raised eyebrows the most with its price target of $103 a share, a 123.7 percent upside over the closing price of $46.04 on... more →
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Investors Favour Marijuana Stocks In Emerging ‘Dot Bong Boom’

While marijuana is already legal for medical purposes in 20 states and Washington DC, it’s recently been made legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State. The move has led to a veritable boom in marijuana-related businesses and products, from edibles to vaporisers, which has raised more than $2 million in taxes... more →
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Does Wall Street Still Have The Interest For Small Cap Marijuana Stocks?

Amateur trader Steve Templeton recently told The Cannabist about how he turned a $77,500 investment in small cap marijuana stocks into more than $325,000 in about a year (Note: His initial deposit was $2,500 and he added $75,000 more throughout the year). His strategy: Smoke is my working portfolio where I keep and recycle... more →
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