Big Business Of Medical Marijuana Draws Legal Officials & Ex-Law Enforcement Personnel

But industry members in Illinois and beyond say the state is unusual in the degree to which former law enforcement officers are not just working security but taking hands-on roles with patients and leading businesses- even with the uncertain future of a four-year pilot program that expires in 2017 and has received lukewarm support... more →
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investors Of ResponsibleOhio To Sell Shares in Pot-Growing Firmsinvestors Of ResponsibleOhio Will Sell Shares in Marijuana-Growing Firms

When asked whether entrepreneurs would be able to lease space in the indoor growing facilities, Oltman declined to comment. Oltman said the plan does not allow vertical integration, so businesses could not both grow marijuana and make marijuana products or sell pot in a retail store. ResponsibleOhio has been dropping hints about... more →
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Medical Marijuana Business Anxious As Number Of Patients Still Low

Industry consultant Michael Mayes of Quantum 9 in Chicago agreed that the paltry numbers are a major problem, but he said it’s hoped that they will rise significantly once the drug is available for purchase. The low number of approved users remains the greatest concern for growers and dispensary owners in Chicago, said Joseph... more →
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The Legislator Who Introduced Medical Marijuana In Illinois

Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie was the legislator whom almost everyone in Illinois was talking about because he was the one who brought medical marijuana in their state.  Lang has championed medical marijuana in Illinois since 2009, when a group of advocates showed up at his Springfield office in wheelchairs, walkers and with IV bags to... more →
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Cresco Labs Requesting Court To Cancel Hold Order

On Wednesday afternoon in Chicago, Cresco Labs will get a hearing on its motion.  A temporary restraining order was granted by Judge Kathleen Kennedy 14 days ago. The TRO stopped the Department of Agriculture of Illinois from issuing a marijuana cultivation permit to Cresco Labs. As of this time, there are, at least, four medical... more →
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Green Thumb Industries Missed Deadline In Securing Surety Bond

The Chicago Tribune reports that Green Thumb Industries LLC missed Wednesday’s deadline to pay a $200,000 fee and secure a $2 million surety bond or escrow account for each permit. An Illinois Department of Agriculture spokeswoman confirmed the missed deadline and said GTI informed the state it will not move forward with a... more →
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Medical Marijuana Got Lucky Break In Illinois

Outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn (D) failed to issue licenses as expected before leaving office in early January, and just last week, Rauner said he would hold back on issuing licenses until the completion of a legal review process that began under Quinn’s watch. And, medical marijuana got its break. Rauner finally approves the licenses. Though... more →
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What’s Next After Illinois Medical Marijuana

      What’s next for Illinois after medical marijuana? Dana Kozlov of CBS 2 has something about this one. Brad Zerman got his official letter from the state Tuesday afternoon congratulating him on getting one of the first medical marijuana dispensary licenses in the state. His plan? To open his dispensary... more →
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