4 Best Medical Pot Stocks to Buy Nowadays

Ever since there is a big boom in medical marijuana stocks, people are looking for the best pot stocks to buy or to invest and make money from it.  However, even though there are some investors who claimed that investing on marijuana stocks as of today is still very risky, there are reports on the best medical marijuana stocks to... more →
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Marijuana’s Hype May Lead To Pump & Dump Scams

Triggered by the recent liberalization of marijuana laws, the media has been showcasing marijuana related stories. Many tout the economic boom the drug is bringing to Colorado , which saw its rosy tax predictions exceeded by initial tax receipts. In light of such hype, it is no wonder that investors are eager to get a piece of the... more →
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Cannabis Capital Summit Will Talk About Marijuana Investing

Serious investors are beginning to express intense interest in the industry. But there’s a lot of confusion and questions from both investors and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help change that. The conference will include four panel discussions, pitches from investable marijuana-related companies and an expo featuring the latest... more →
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