Boulder County’s Entrepreneurs of Marijuana Woo Investors

He’s getting married in little more than a week. Two days before that, he’ll be presenting at the Canopy Boulder demo day for his subscription cannabis accessory business, Ganja Boxes. Tuesday, he is pitching in front of 500 investors in Las Vegas ahead of the largest marijuana business conference of the year, hoping... more →
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Why Marijuana Stocks Might Go Up In Smoke

Medical Marijuana in San Diego, for example, was founded by Bruce Perlowin, who spent nine years from 1983 to 1991 in prison for smuggling marijuana into San Francisco from Colombia. And a board member at the company was arrested for possession in Alabama in 2013. Perlowin is now CEO of Hemp, based in Las Vegas, which would like... more →
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To Stimulate MMJ Market New Set Of Rules Created By Nevada

That could change in the coming weeks with the planned opening of the Euphoria Wellness dispensary in Las Vegas, but there’s no denying there have been growing pains as the industry struggles to launch. “Everyone realizes (medical marijuana) is here, so now it’s become how can we make the business better?”... more →
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