In The $850m Cannabis Testing Market, Signal Bay Makes Strategic Acquisition

Through its CANNAiQ(TM) B2B information portal, the company provides an enterprise version of MassRoots Inc.’s (OTCQB:MSRT) consumer platform. Signal Bay is investigating the proposed “research” license mentioned in Oregon’s HB3400, for example, which could lead to a move into the pharmaceutical side of the... more →
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MassRoots Is The First-Ever IPO In Marijuana Industry

“Our whole thing is community, and opening the cannabis movement to the public marketplace is a huge step forward,” said Stewart Fortier, MassRoots’ chief technology officer and co-founder. “We see a public offering (IPO) as crowdfunding in the highest form — only accredited investors can get involved with these companies... more →
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Ganjapreneur Interviewed Marijuana Investment Group Founder

As public support for the legalization of marijuana has grown, so has the speculation that the cannabis industry could be poised for a major boom if the US federal government changes its policy toward the drug. Like any other emerging market, the cannabis industry has piqued the interest of many venture capital and investment firms... more →
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