Medican Enterprises CEO Kenneth Williams Updates Shareholders

Medican Enterprises, Inc. (MDCN) announces that it is in the process of relocating the corporate offices to Ypsilanti, Michigan, a city that Medican CEO, Kenneth Williams knows very well. According to Mr. Williams, “We believe there are opportunities here that offer Medican Enterprises excellent opportunities to offer our products... more →
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Medical Marijuana Legalization Possible To Be Included in 2016 Polls

Matt Marsden, a former Senate Republican staffer who is the spokesman for the Michigan Cannabis Coalition, said his group’s proposal would provide for the licensing of cannabis growers and retailers and provide tax revenues for the state. Legalizing marijuana could also significantly reduce the Michigan prison budget because... more →
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Sticky Note Saves Woman From Drug Charges In Michigan

David Mazur was facing a two-year mandatory minimum sentence because he also had two guns in the house. So, David Mazur pleaded guilty in 2012 to the same two felony drug charges while his former wife battled on in court, said Rudoi, who represented only Cynthia Mazur. The stress of the case led the couple to divorce, Rudoi said. Cynthia... more →
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Drug Charges Filed Against Former Medical Pot Dispensary Owner

After a trial Friday that consisted of the testimony two undercover narcotics officers, Samer Hamed was found guilty of keeping more than a pound of marijuana under the bathroom sink in his Northeast Side home. Hamed was a co-owner of the now-defunct Purple Med marijuana dispensary at 1365 Plainfield Ave. NE. He was arrested in February... more →
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Lenity For Patient Taking Medical Pot Inspired By Court Support

More than a dozen court supporters and 60 letters of support may have swayed the Macomb County judge to act with kindness when sentencing Tamara Hudson on distribution of marijuana charges December 22. Her hearing was held in Warren. Ms. Hudson has been active in Michigan’s court support for medical marijuana patients community... more →
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