Last Year, Around $23B Were Lost By Marijuana Investors In Penny Stocks

            In 2014, pot companies had the most drastic ups and downs for penny stocks according to data analyzed by Openfolio, a social network for investors to share which stocks they’re trading. According to the data, which Openfolio shared with Motherboard, stocks in Medical Marijuana Inc.... more →
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Last Year, $23.3B Lost By Marijuana Investors In Penny Stocks

These stock promoters are unknown, and they intend to be” According to the data, which Openfolio shared with Motherboard, stocks in Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA), an umbrella company that sells cannabis-based wellness products, are down 94.4 percent since their peak price in 2014 and investors lost a total of $1.7 billion. My... more →
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Why Marijuana Stocks Might Go Up In Smoke

Medical Marijuana in San Diego, for example, was founded by Bruce Perlowin, who spent nine years from 1983 to 1991 in prison for smuggling marijuana into San Francisco from Colombia. And a board member at the company was arrested for possession in Alabama in 2013. Perlowin is now CEO of Hemp, based in Las Vegas, which would like... more →
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Recharging: What Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) Should Do Right Now

Despite this strange way of presenting results, Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) still improved considerably on its FY2013 numbers, as far as sales go. The company posted annual net loss of $4.4 million and $14.5 million as annual sales. The total current liabilities came at $4.0 million. The company has filed for an extension... more →
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Medical Marijuana Investing Expanding To Greater Proportions

This decision comes at a time when both Italy and the Czech Republic have legalized medicinal marijuana, which MJNA has a full line of products to support. While stock prices for MJNA have been modestly hovering around $0.30 per share for the past few weeks, the news from the company caused a rather significant boost. According... more →
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Marijuana Penny Stocks Are High

“Penny stock investors all made exponential returns on their money within a few days, and then short sellers like me cleaned up when their unsustainable run-ups crashed 40% to 70% within a few days,” said Sykes, a Miami-based entrepreneur, stock trader and penny stock expert. Marijuana-related companies , such as GrowLife... more →
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