Penny Stock Frenzy Set Off By Legal Pot

I thought, Maybe the SEC was right in suspending stock trading. Weiner and W-Net have done better. In June 2011, according to an SEC document in which he filed to sell some of his shares, Weiner was the biggest outside holder of shares in GrowLife, then called Phototron Holdings Inc. At least 10 times in 2013, W-Net exchanged interest-bearing... more →
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Pot Penny Stocks That Outperformed Last Year

There’s a demand now for experts to lead the entrepreneur through the application process, and that demand will continue as these entrepreneurs who are licensed will also need to be taught how to sustain a marijuana business and comply as standards are set along the way, explained Scott Greiper, founder of Viridian. Novus Acquisition... more →
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Best Marijuana Stocks To Invest In Nowadays

Let me give you some real world examples from just the last week of how this game is played, OK? Ever since I first wrote about these rotten pot penny stocks, my name and email has been picked up by the rotten pot penny stock hype industry and I am bombarded with emails from PR firms and directly from rotten pot penny stock PR departments... more →
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Penny Stocks Research For Terra Tech, Nugene Ongoing

By the end of last trading, the Sabine Oil & Gas (OTCMKTS:SOGC) shares slump 22.92% (or US$0.0055) to US$0.0185 with about 2.62 million shares exchanged hands for the session, compared to its average volume of 0.944 million shares. The company claims to have spent multiple months trying to figure out some sort of restructuring... more →
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Pot Penny Stocks That Have Went Down The Drain Since Highs Of 2014

After the marijuana penny stock craze of 2014, several names have since crashed and burned. Medbox is an example of the extreme turbulence in the group, reaching a closing high of $73.90 on January 7, 2014. This was the reason why a lot of investment experts have been telling people never to put much trust and confidence on marijuana... more →
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SEC Suspends PHOT, Advises Investor To Sell Pot Stocks While They Still Can

Trading in GrowLife (PHOT) has been suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission because the regulator is concerned about “questions that have been raised about the accuracy and adequacy of information in the marketplace and potentially manipulative transactions in PHOT’s common stock.” That’s a polite way of saying... more →
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