Current Investment Round Expires On 12-31-2015 As Announced By Steep Hill

California is currently estimated to represent more than 50% of the legal cannabis market in the US. “We are grateful for the confidence this very respected group of investors has placed in us and our work at Steep Hill,” said David Lampach, CEO and Co-Founder. “We believe the valuation of this round has been made... more →
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Interview with Poseidon Asset Management’s Emily and Morgan Paxhia

Emily and Morgan Paxhia have jumped on to the scene of cannabis investing with a fury. They are emerging as thought leaders in the industry and focused exclusively on cannabis investments. Learn why they are so bullish on this industry and what they are investing in now. more →
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Cannabis Investors Elude Stigma Of Penny Stock

“The presence of cannabis penny stocks that are pumping their stocks is a distraction for companies looking to truly build a sustaining presence in the cannabis market,” said Sam Znaimer, who is raising money for a venture capital fund called Locarno Capital, which will invest exclusively in legal cannabis companies.... more →
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