Cannabis Industry Revolutionized By Privateer Holdings

Under federal law, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, along with heroin, pursuant to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) (21 U.S.C. 811). Nevertheless, the 2016 omnibus spending bill, approved by Congress on Dec. 16, 2015, forbids federal drug agents from raiding retail medical marijuana operations. Legalization... more →
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Hawaiian Medical Marijuana Dispensary Law Faces Challenges

If a bill that sets up a medical marijuana dispensary system in Hawaii becomes law, the state’s Department of Health will have about a year to come up with administrative rules. However, in the proposed dispensary system in Hawaii, transactions between marijuana retail stores & medical marijuana patients will likely be cash... more →
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Parents Sued School For Letting Their Daughter Take Marijuana In School

Attorneys for the Maple Shade school district and the Larc School in Bellmawr, the private school for children with developmental disabilities 16-year-old Genny Barbour attends, won’t allow it, fearing they will be cited for violating the drug-free school zone law, and the federal law that states marijuana is illegal despite... more →
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In Congress, Marijuana Bill Is Going Uphill, Gains More Support, Momentum

On Tuesday, Cohen issued a statement saying that both parties are in agreement that federal marijuana legislation needs reform. So far, the bill has garnered support from six Republicans and six Democrats in the Senate.  The CARERS Act would change the way that marijuana is viewed at a federal level by taking the drug off the list... more →
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Medical Marijuana Request Rebuffed By Pharmacy Board

Board member Susan Frey, a Villisca pharmacist, noted that legislators considered a marijuana-reclassification bill this session, but they let it die last week. “So clearly, it was not an issue the Legislature wanted to address,” she said. State law now classifies marijuana as both a Schedule I drug, whose use is impermissible... more →
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