It’s Not Wise To Invest In Marijuana-Related Penny Stocks

The eight stocks I was recommending this time last year and still hold included Facebook FB, +0.30% Google GOOG, -0.10% Apple AAPL, -0.35% The best performer over the last year or so has been Ambarella AMBA, +0.69% which is up nearly 150%, and my worst performer was Lindsay LNN, -0.43% which was down 3%. I did sell a few positions... more →
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Investing In Penny Stocks Might Be Scary As There Are Lots Of Scams

Dick Morris sent a sponsored email promoting Cannabis-Rx, Inc. on April 14, when it was trading at around $1. The stock’s closing price on December 2 was $0.17. And yes, of course Dick Morris is mixed up in all of this. I warned you back in August that Morris was deep into this penny stock scam scheme. Did you listen? I hope... more →
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7 Marijuana Stocks That Investors Need To Keep An Eye On (And Invest)

Now, that the legality of marijuana is very much possible and within reach, a lot of different investors from all over the country are trying to look for some efficient ways to ride the bandwagon, meaning, to invest. As of today, there are some big-time companies that are considering investing in legal marijuana but are yet to turn... more →
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Buyer Beware Of Marijuana Stocks

Always do your research, and, of course, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Getting rich quick off of marijuana stocks, especially while marijuana is illegal, may not pan out as one might wish. For a long time, marijuana stocks didn’t exist. A few years ago, as the medical marijuana industry grew, more... more →
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Marijuana Stocks Review In Half A Year: Part 1, Tier 1

Since Yellen, the halts, and bubbles bursting, I’ve done nothing but wait for stocks that I like to fall hard enough to find a great buying opportunity. Some of the stocks here are still ‘overvalued’ and may continue to fall. Others I think have great potential that investors have yet to notice. The sector can continue... more →
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Marijuana Stocks – Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Part of it is because the momentum has faded, and not just because of fears that the stocks are overbought. There have been many revelations over the last few months about how difficult it is to turn a profit for a medical marijuana dispensary or for-profit recreational growing operation. There are also reports about how many banks... more →
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