New Marijuana Study Might Smoke Pessimists

Over the past decade we’ve seen public opinion on the drug make a complete 180-degree turn, moving from a majority of people preferring it remain illegal, to a majority of the public now favoring its legalization in some form (either medically or recreationally). Marijuana’s dual allure on the rationale behind marijuana... more →
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Mixed Message In This State Being Send By Conflicting Marijuana Poll Results

The prospect of generating tax revenue through recreational marijuana sales so as not to boost taxes in other areas statewide could be a dangling carrot that’s used in a number of states to vie for approval. Finally, I believe these polls highlight the reality that the American public is still mostly in the dark about the... more →
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Marijuana Legalization Brings Potential Increase in Tax Dollars

On November 4, several states, at least 17 municipalities, and one U.S. territory will vote on drug policy reform. The legalization of marijuana will result in a significant increase in tax revenue amounting to millions of dollars. Studies show that when states such as Alaska, Florida, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. are combined,... more →
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Four Pot Penny Stocks Will Benefit From Mounting Momentum For Marijuana Legalization

The simple reality is that every day the chances for the legalization of marijuana in the United States, either recreational or medicinal, is looking better, which means many nascent cannabis companies stand to benefit. So far, 13 states are considering following Colorado and Washington’s example in legalizing marijuana possession... more →
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