FBEC Worldwide & Marijuanastocks.com, Inc. To Host “Clear The Mud” Conference Call

        MarijuanaStocks.com and FBEC Worldwide, Inc. invites all those considering, to ask a question and attend the call, email the questions that you want answered to hempcall@marijuanastocks.com or message Marijuana Stocks on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marijuana-Stocks/221880533936?fref=ts )... more →
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Marijuanastocks.com To Host FBEC Worldwide Conference Call

MarijuanaStocks.com is pleased to announce that it will host an investor conference call with the management team of FBEC Worldwide, Inc. ( FBEC ) including CEO Robert Sand and newly appointed CMO Jason Spatafora, aka The Wolf Of Weed Street, on Thursday August, 13 at 4:15PM EST to discuss recent corporate developments and address... more →
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Who Is The Pot Penny-Stock Guru?

His wife filed on April 8 to sell 7.8 million shares. Penny-stock companies market their shares through press releases and research reports that they sometimes pay to have written. Day traders pass them around on message boards and Twitter, hyping their favorites. Steve DeAngelo, president of a cannabis investors club called the... more →
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Health & Wellness Industry Gets Excited By Recent Federal Medical Marijuana Ruling

(NASDAQ: HQY ) was recently welcomed to the NASDAQ Stock Market. Founded in 2002, HealthEquity is a leader and an innovator in the high growth category of technology-enabled services platforms that empower consumers to make healthcare saving and spending decisions. The Company’s innovative technology platform and tax-advantaged... more →
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Legal Medical Reefer Industry Goes Through Important Changes

The MediFarm team presented to the commission their extensive experience in traditional agriculture as well as medical cannabis cultivation and extraction. The Company received unanimous consent from the commission and will move forward in applying to the State for a business license to operate its cultivation and production facility. “We... more →
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Global Hemp Group Targets African Hemp

It’s not a conversation starter. Hemp conventions will not include smoke pits and teenagers wont be all over Twitter boasting about their investments in it. But if you look past the next twelve months at what happens when medical weed has such an oversupply that you cant get more than $3 a gram for it, and three companies have... more →
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