Here’s every cannabis college course you can take in U.S. and Canada

It turns out if you’re interested in starting a career in the cannabis industry after graduation, you can jump on a path at many schools that’ll help you land a suitable position in the industry while giving you valuable experience. If you live in Canada or the U.S., there are various major cities that offer cannabis courses... more →
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One-third of cannabis buyers still using illicit dealers, according to IPSOS poll

One month into pot legalization, an IPSOS poll looks at what has changed for Canadians including consumption levels and the legal marijuana shopping experience. One of the Canadian government’s chief aims in legalizing marijuana was to eliminate the black market. And yet, one month after legalization came into effect on Oct.... more →
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Weed woes: Canada struggles to meet huge demand for legal cannabis

Numerous stores dealing with empty shelves and disgruntled customers, with fears many consumers will turn to black market When Trevor Tobin opened one of Canada’s first legal cannabis stores last month, he had high hopes of playing a small part in a historic national experiment – and of making a tidy profit. Brimming with optimism,... more →
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Trump is setting the stage for cannabis legalization after midterms

Reports that President Trump is planning to push for legalized marijuana are becoming more often as we approach the midterm elections. President of the United States Donald Trump hasn’t been very popular so far, even though he ran on a populist platform. That platform was based on feelings of fear, anger, uncertainty and most... more →
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Cannabis in Canada: Big banks are missing a boom

KushCo Holdings, a company that sells packaging and supplies to the cannabis industry, would love to borrow money from a real bank. CEO Nick Kovacevich wants to secure up to $30 million in revolving credit, so he can hire more employees and build new warehouses. But a line of credit or loan of that size isn’t an option because... more →
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Edibles, including cannabis beer, set to dominate weed market once legal

One day, we could be heading to bars for a different kind of buzz. Just imagine: cannabis beer flowing from the taps of your favourite watering hole. This is the vision of Toronto-based start-up Province Brands Canada. CEO Dooma Wendschu says his company has developed the world’s first beer that is actually brewed from marijuana,... more →
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Cannabis legislation in Ontario expected in September

Cannabis legislation in Ontario expected in late September Ontario’s Conservative government is expected to introduce legislation to regulate the recreational cannabis industry according to multiple sources with knowledge of the issue. The legislation could be introduced within days of the beginning of the autumn session... more →
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