If Pot Legalized In Ohio, Ex-98 Degrees Star Could Make Millions

If the new marijuana law is passed, then all of the marijuana shops in Ohio will be legally mandated to buy from either Lacheys farm or the other 9 farms that have been designated as the official marijuana growers. A study by the Marijuana Policies of Ohio Taskforce reports that those 10 farms will make about $1.1 billion worth of... more →
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Twenty Three States Now Have Legalized Marijuana

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia allow the use of marijuana for medical use. Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado and the District of Columbia allow recreational use as well. Last month, D.C. joined 23 states in making marijuana legal in some form. New York legalized medical marijuana last year. A marijuana entrepreneur... more →
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Colorado Tax Revenue Generated From Legalized Marijuana Exceeds Expectations By 40%

The tax revenue generated from marijuana sales have been earmarked for treatment, school construction and deterring young people from using the drug. According to Reuters, School districts will likely get $40 million, or nearly 30 percent, of the projected $134 million in total marijuana tax revenues. “We anticipate near-term... more →
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