Medical Marijuana Patients Can Smoke Marijuana At Workplace

“We intend to mitigate market and legislative risk,” stated a Supreme Director, in an exclusive interview with Financial Press. “Arizona is a promising market and we have begun investigating opportunities there to complement our Canadian property.” Recent successes in the medical marijuana space include producers... more →
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Medical Pot Patients Can Smoke Marijuana Even While Working

Medical Marijuana is currently being prescribed to treat pain, neurological disorders, mental health, back spasms, and gastrointestinal disorders. Surging demand and a rapidly changing regulatory environment are creating a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity for early movers into government-sanctioned production facilities... more →
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Ex-Police Chief Advises $1B Medical Pot Industry

The RCMP estimates the illegal marijuana market at more than $1 billion. The federal government is intent on destroying the sprawling cottage industry and replacing it with regulated, taxed commercial grow operations – creating huge business opportunities for early movers. Umbral Energy (TSX-V:UMB) is one of the companies moving... more →
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