The Whole Pot Industry Could Be Doomed If Recreational Marijuana Can’t Succeed In Oregon

By comparison, most of the country tends to be around $300 per ounce or higher. With lower starting costs and an established core of some 200 medical marijuana shops, Oregon’s retailers have a genuine shot at being competitive with the black market. Source: Social Security Administration. Additionally, the licensing process... more →
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Penny Stocks Research For Windstream, Osl Holdings, Fastfunds Financial, Scripsamerica, Avra, Etc.

A few months ago, the company executed a 1 for 600 reverse split. It made the stock much more appealing to new investors but squeezed out of small existing shareholders. The company signed a licensing agreement related to the production, promotion, and sale of a Tommy Chong branded Cannabis GreenCard– a credit card which can... more →
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Growlife Still Halted; Marijuana Penny Stocks Still Doomed

As you said you are not willing to do the research. You are basically the same as all of the pump and dumpers on Yahoo finance. Shame on you. In one of those articles, I wrote in response to all that vitriol I received that, I sure hope that for every one of you bashing me, that somebody out there is choosing not to buy into these... more →
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