Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG)

taug_logo_f_improf_179x131Many companies in the medical, wellness, and technology industries are expanding to the medical marijuana sector as it continues to show growth. Tauriga Sciences, Inc is one such company – it is a diversified biotechnology outfit that entered the marijuana space this year by acquiring a manufacturer of medical cannabis products.

Tauriga Sciences aims to build on its diversified portfolio by acquiring licenses, exclusive and non-exclusive rights, and entire businesses. Its featured subsidiaries are Microbial Robotics LLC (formerly Bacterial Robotics) and Pilus Energy LLC.

Microbial Robotics is a bio-engineering firm that ‘programs’ micro-organisms to produce microscopic robots. These can then be used in various applications such as reducing disease, cleaning water, growing foods, providing fuel, and producing therapeutics.

Meanwhile, Pilus Energy is a Tauriga-acquired subsidiary of Microbial Robotics. It uses genetically engineered bacteria that process wastewater to generate direct current electricity and produce useful gases and chemicals.

Founded in 2001, Tauriga Sciences formerly operated under various names such as New England Acquisitions, Inc, Atlantic Wine Agencies, Inc, and Novo Energies Corp. It changed to its current name in 2013.

Tauriga Sciences, Inc is now traded in the OTC markets as TAUG, with a market cap of USD 14.6 M. It is led by Dr. Stella Sung, Chairman, CEO, COO, and Interim CFO; Seth M. Shaw, VP for Strategic Planning; Dr. Lawrence A. May, Chief Medical Officer; and Ghalia Lahlou, Operations Manager. They are joined by Ian Harrison, VP and General Manager of Pilus Energy; and David Schweizer, VP of NuclearBot Development.

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