THC To Explore Net Gram Royalties In Medical Pot

NGR provides non-equity funding to licensed producers (“LPs”) of medical marijuana. Its goal is to provide diversified risk mitigated exposure to the medical marijuana market for investors, and a robust supply of medical marijuana for patients. NGR will meet this rapidly growing demand for funding in the medical marijuana production sector using a commodity streaming model, rather than a direct equity investment. Thus NGR mitigates early stage venture risks.

NGR is in the process of due diligence with several producers to fund dried marijuana royalty agreements in its first twelve months of operation. NGR’s business model is highly scalable, and will efficiently serve the needs of medical marijuana patients, LPs, and investors within the parameters of a rapidly expanding market.

NGR’s Net Gram Return royalty model is analogous to the method used by successful mineral commodities streaming companies such as Sandstorm Gold (SSL), Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW), Franco Nevada (FNV) and others.

Net Gram Return royalties are based on the value of production or net proceeds received from the legal sale of medical marijuana by a Licensed Producer (LP) from an indoor growing operation under Canada’s Federal “Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations”. These sales are made direct to registered patients from the LP. This type of marijuana royalty potentially provides for significant and tax advantaged cash flow that is free of any operating or capital costs and environmental liabilities and allows for capital risk reduction in gaining exposure to a developing marketplace.

The Company continues to evaluate new projects, including, but not limited to, opportunities in agriculture, finance, and resources. At this time, no transactions are in place, nor is there any assurance that a new project will be concluded in the future.

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