The 2018 Karma Cup Recap with Craig Ex from Expert Joints

This was a historical cup as it was the last one of its type in the sense that cannabis legalization happened shortly afterwards.

The Karma Cup is one of Canada’s biggest cannabis cups, and the winners are always a who’s who of some of the country’s most promising cannabis connoisseurs.

By lineups that went around the block, around the corner, around the next block AND the next corner, it’s mad to see how far the Karma Cup has grown.

Craig talks to cannabis mainstays like Dave from Bhogart, Amy Anonymous from SwearNet, the Sublimator Warrior, and the endlessly quotable REMO, who tells Craig:

“It’s raining buds here at the Karma Cup. This is the best Karma Cup ever, look how many folks are around us!

This was really the toughest Karma Cup to judge, ever!

Marcus aka BCBubbleman yells out secretary Sarah Sunday and the incredible job she’s done with lineups out the door.

Craig makes sure to say “What’s ” to the homies in the Thompson Caribou Concentrates squuuuaaaad and talks about the entries the entered into this season ’s cup.

And just so that you don’t think it’s all cannabis insiders, there was DJ’s, entertainment, and speakers to entertain all the canna-curious. The Karma Cup is famous in Canada for representing the best of Craft Cannabis- you can say that they ’re giving their canna-best!

Apparently Qandy is vegan, organic, and gluten-free hard candies with roughly 200 mg in each box, which makes it perfect for Canada’s stereotypically hipster and environmentally-friendly crowd. Each bit has approximately 8 mg of that THC goodness.

Word to the wise is Jeremiah just recently opened a 420-friendly retro video game lounge in Vancouver called High score , and it’s amazing. Check out the exclusive CLN interview with Jeremiah and revisit all your favorite video games in the late 70’s (like the classic arcade Galaga) all the way up to the 16-bit Super Nintendo days.

Craig then talks to Mark from Roll Your Own and sees the dope swag at the table before checking out the latest and best in the Fukushima Preroll Factory like the 2 g Moon Rocket.

The multiple award-winner known as the Phat Pharmer tells Craig about the 6 entries he has in this season ’s Karma Cup and then Craig ceases to chop it up with the one and only BC Bud Gal.

At the High Voltage tent, witness a massive dab that’s more than dab worthy! Mike from Smokers Guide Canada tells Craig about the most recent edition and then Honey Badger Extracts talks about their past Karma Cup wins plus the entries they had this year.

You can never go wrong with the beautiful Tweedledoob and as Craig tells her:

“It’s a good day every day you get an opportunity to smoke a  joint with you.

One of my favorite people in Toronto and one of my favorite Instagram accounts.

On a side note, props to Craig for the (unintentional?) Rhymes and he is The Expert after all so you know he knows what he’s talking about!

Next, the Only Redbeard, who organizes the Great Canadian Glass Gathering. He’s famous for his signature glass-blown masterpieces that perfectly blends smokeable bongs and pipes with art. Last but not least, Craig says hello to our friend Al the Alchemist who’s rocking an wonderful Temple of Calyx t-shirt.

Now, it’s the moment of truth as Craig Ex and Sarah Sunday announce the much-deserving winners of the 2018 Karma Cup!

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