The 6 Best Strains For Watching Fireworks This 4th of July

The 6 Best Strains For Watching Fireworks This 4th of July

July 4th is racing in and you can’t celebrate this patriotic holiday without a few bursts of sparkly fireworks. Why is a lavish show of light and color even more brilliant? A cerebral and creative strain to take it all in. Throw another burger on the grill, then lay out a comfortable blanket, and spark one up for a night of brilliant fireworks.

Did we miss your favorite whimsical strain?

White Widow

A real classic from cannabis days of old, White Widow folds you in haze of euphoria before settling into a creative and cerebral calm. Load up a pipe with this energetic strain before viewing those the glittering embers fall from a 4th of July sky.

“ … The Indica in White Widow is evident almost immediately, as a calming, relaxing sensation envelopes the smoker. The Sativa genetics fire up the brain with creative force, and a feeling of profound inner-mindedness occurs. Your eyes will feel heavy, yet you will be energized to complete your mission. ” —John18

If the title is anything to go off, then you know LSD will deliver imaginative and characteristic effects near the real deal. You’ll feel like you’re inside the firework show as soon as you lift off with a joint of this visual heavy-hitter.

“My favorite strain OF ALL TIME… up to now. It was the most present high I’ve ever experienced. Everything appeared to be glowing with positivity. I know this isn’t real LSD but I did excursion a bit when locking eyes with the moon … ” —chronobrothersmagazine

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Ghost Train Haze

Start slow with the fast-acting and citrusy sweet Ghost Train Haze and you’ll spend the night in stoney, vibrant bliss. Gather your friends and pass the bong before settling to the perfect viewing spot for an incredible show.

This was great when walking on a nice day. Energizing, uplifting, and only a bliss feeling. The flavor was citrus with sweet earthy undertones. Smelled like fresh lemons under a sappy pine tree (haha) is the best way to describe the pungent odor. Everytime you crack open the jar you take a big whiff. ” —JDriver

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Green Crack

Reach for the ultra-buzzy Green Crack. Perfect for a pick-me-up, you’ll want to save this fruity and invigorating strain once the night shifts into party mode.

“Green Crack is such an unbelievable strain; it’s potent energizing effects are more pronounced than almost any/all other strains of pot. The burst of energy is accompanied by stimulating and even euphoric effects that are fully cerebral. ” —DayTripper7711

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Mango Haze

Switch those out watermelon slices to get a pile of mangos with the deliciously tropical Mango Haze. Allow your mind to escape this uplifting strain as you saddle up for the big finale.

Why People Love It:

“This is one of my favorite strains! It feels just wonderful, almost psychedelic. You notice straight away the extreme sativa head rush. Very easy to focus, colors seems very clear, and it tastes very good and fresh. ” —Satantolsen

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End your night with a bang when you reunite with a Kryptonite blunt. Made for a relaxing yet cerebral activity (ahem…like watching fireworks), it’s the go-to toke for drifting off to dreamland after a sparkly, lively event.

Why People Love It:

“One of my favorite indicas out there. This strain provides a complete body buzz of relaxation that comes in tingly waves. It makes you relaxed while also very motivated, focused, and energized. This is one of the few indicas where I feel like I could medicate and still go about my day as normal. This indica fuels creative ideas and motivates you to carry out these ideas. ” —MegOG

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